Our Mission

To save lives and improve safety by providing desirable and accessible pathways for all users, ensuring all pathways remain accessible and in service regardless of condition or construction phasing.

SpanPath is a modular elevated pathway system that provides a new and innovative solution to improve pedestrian safety, accessibility, and mobility. The SpanPath system can be used to avoid pedestrian detours while helping to promote compliance with accessibility guidelines such as Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG). The SpanPath system may be placed over an existing pathway between construction or maintenance activities to ensure the pathway remains accessible and in service. One of the biggest challenges with providing alternate pedestrian access routes is the lack of available Right-of Way, especially having accessible features as related to cross-slope, stability, and slip resistance. With SpanPath, there is now a solution that does not require an alternate pedestrian access route. Now there is no need to rely on the presence of sidewalk networks for lengthy detours that do not provide access to desired destinations.

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