Our Solution

Modular Elevated Pathway

Simplified Solution for Short Section of Sidewalk

Sidewalk Out of Service

Sections of sidewalk are removed for various reasons including maintenance and replacement. The period of time when crews are working on the section of sidewalk is typically less than an hour; however, the staging of work typically takes as long as a month to complete. Prior to SpanPath, the only option is to close the sidewalk for an extended period and detour pedestrians to an alternate route.

Instead of Closing, Keep in Service with SpanPath

Prior to leaving the jobsite, work crews will place the SpanPath modular elevated pathway system beginning with ramp segments prior to the missing sidewalk section.

Sidewalk Quickly Returned to Service

The work crew will continue placing SpanPath segments to the length needed to cover the missing sidewalk section and ending with ramp segments. This allows the sidewalk to remain in service and prevents the need to close the sidewalk or provide a detour.


SpanPath Modular Elevated Pathway

Example Uses:

  • Maintain safety and accessibility of sidewalk and shared use path during construction
  • Immediate ability to make damaged paths safer and accessible
  • Maintenance of Sidewalk or Shared Use Path
  • Fulfill desire lines with semi-permanent accessible path until project can be programed
  • Quickly eliminate sidewalk gaps
  • Minimize ground disturbance for pathway in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Convert to temporary pedestrian bridge with use of I-Beam supports and handrail attachments
  • Contractors can provide pathways through Workzones for workers

Example Benefits:

  • Improved safety and accessibility for all pedestrians through work zones
  • Eliminate Pedestrian Detours to encourage proper ped movements
  • Eliminate Detour Signing (are not being followed anyway)
  • Ensure continuous access to businesses affected by construction
  • Phasing of work can be more efficient
  • Eliminate need for contractor to monitor wet concrete for vandalism
  • Ability for States and Local Agencies to comply with existing Federal laws
  • Comply with Safe Routes to School and eliminate hazardous walking conditions